Epic Jump Map: Sky Butter Edition

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Welcome To Epic Jump Map: Sky BUTTER Edition!!

First of all, I wanted to say special thanks to SkyDoesMinecraft and DeadloxMC, as well as to Mr360Games and ClashJTM, and HuskyMUDKIPZ, CocoSmackdown, TechLPs and Durazic!
Thank you for all the support!!!

Squids have taken over the world and kidnapped deadlox. The whole world has been corrupted and the MAJESTIC BUTTERIFIC SkyDoesMinecraft will try to help him out! Want to join the adventure and meet sky and deadlox in the map? Just go on and play it!!!

If you're recording this on youtube, please link my channel in the description box. www.youtube.com/bodil40

Please remember to check out my youtube channel. That helps me grow and I'll be posting latest news, videos and trailers of my new maps on there!

Download Epic Jump Map Sky Butter Edition from MediaFire
Download Epic Jump Map Sky Butter Edition from DropBox

Required Texture pack:
Download EJM Sky Butter Edition Texture Pack from MediaFire
Download EJM Sky Butter Edition Texture Pack from DropBox

- Don't break or place any blocks
- Play on Normal difficulty or above

- Your Score is BUTTER
- Read all the signs!
- Play with the required texture pack (download link is below map's download link)

- If you're playing the map on a server, make sure to ENABLE command blocks!

Link to the official MinecraftForums topic:


14 коментара:

  1. got 20 butter ingnots, ADD IT TO LEADER BORAD MAN

  2. Do you think you could make another version of the texture pack with normal ores but the flowers, swords, steak and stuff like that the same? I want to use it as my normal texture pack but I find the coal and iron ore confusing....the lapis too. Great map btw :) I provide my applause.

  3. bodil4o v tezturniq paket golda i butter otdelni itemi li sa i masloto qde li se... o i o6te ne6to.... malko me e strah da igraq na survaival moje li na creative

  4. Bodil540 the Texturepack does not work any more in the 1.5 update ;(

  5. Bodil40 Wont Let Me Download.PS Your Vids Are Awesome :D

  6. It won't let me download the resource pack for 1.6.2

  7. hey bodil, this thing wont let me download the recource pack for the new update but it will let me get the map. Please make sure its a recurce pack NOT a texture pack. Thanks!

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  9. Guys... the map is 1.4.7 so download the map, put it in a saves folder... than download texture pack and put it in a texture (not resource) pack folder... then make a 1.7.4 profile and play!!! Works for me :)