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Welcome to Epic Jump Map v1.1!
Epic Jump Map v1.1 is the first map I've ever created! It's a pretty cool Parkour/Adventure map. There are some puzzles inside, but they're quite simple. It has a little funny story and some quests going on with it. It's filled in with trolling and might get you crazy sometimes, but overall it's a great map to play with friends!

Please remember to check out my youtube channel. That helps me grow and I'll be posting latest news, videos and trailers of my new maps on there!


4SHARED link to download *Epic Jump Map! v1.1*

UPLOADING COM link to download *Epic Jump Map! v1.1*

DROPBOX DIRECT LINK to download *Epic Jump Map! v1.1*

Epic Jump Map! v1.1 Direct Download Link - Specially for Mac Users*

Mediafirelink to download *Epic Jump Map! v1.1*

You are an adventurer (possibly multiple adventurers), which is on the way of his first adventure.
You LOVE jumping and finding secrets. You're on the way to the "road of awesomeness" and you should be aware of some materials that you're allowed to destroy in order to find the SPECIAL REWARD.
You LOVE troll jokes and they are spreaded all over the place on various signs :)

- Don't break/place blocks
- Play on whatever difficulty you want
- You are allowed to break only red/white/green wool
- Your Score is ghast tears
- Post your score on the MC forums!

SPAWN is AT 0; 60; -20;

The first person with MAX score of the map was:
1. Sonorpearl and EliteRaver - 59 Tears! MAXIMUM SCORE! #winning!
//You can see full leaderboard on the Minecraft Forums

Latest downloads count update:
72000 DOWNLOADS - 09.11.2012

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